Monday, February 10, 2020

Make Sure It's Not You

Part of the role of being a spiritual worker is being a counselor to your clients. Sometimes people come to you because they want some sort of magic done, but after that first cleaning suppressed blockages begin to surface. Pandora's box is opened and it's time for the client to face their struggles so that they can grow.

You see, real magic is more than just the conjure. It's creating lifelong change, and to accomplish that change sometimes the spirits will prescribe cleanings in order to remove the unnecessary. For some people, this process can be arduous and confronting. How they react will oftentimes dictate the results they will receive.

Taking the Medicine

A client contacts me saying they are tired of being under appreciated and wants a new career. I tell them when to come by so that we can do the consultation and get the ball rolling. When I start pulling the cards I can definitely see difficulty at the workplace, but that the difficult is coming from their own mouth. They spend their work time gossiping and creating resentment amongst their coworkers. I inform them that the problem is coming from them and their response? "I never realized that I was upsetting people, can we still fix it?"

Naturally, I start doing the work to sweeten their current job, but more importantly I do the work to clean off the bad vibes from the agitated people off them. I warn the client that although the work has been done to smooth things over at the workplace that they must make a real effort to change their behavior. They agree and go on their way. A few weeks later things are much smoother at their job and they even got recognition for their project.

Be Honest About Yourself

Another client comes to me for a love and reconciliation spell with their recent ex. The cards immediately reveal that their are hard feelings coming from the ex. The ex saw the client as overbearing and jealous. I informed them that in order to successfully get their ex back these issues would need to be addressed. I received a cavalier attitude that said, "I can manage it with magic," from them. That's not to say that I felt they were insincere, but rather expected magic to do all the work for them.

I decided to take on the case although I lacked certainty in the long term outcome. The results manifested rather quickly, however, they certainly didn't last. That same pattern of behavior that made the relationship fall apart in the first place destroyed the new opportunities that were created.

Be Prepared to Grow

Taking a moral inventory is important when evaluating your life and happiness. When you are honest with yourself and work hard to improve, magic is much easier. If you try and fight the current you will only increase suffering for yourself. Although magic can alter circumstances for you in various degrees, it largely relies on you to hold on to it.

The next time a candle spell or sweet jar doesn't work out, stop and take an honest look at the role you played in the matter. Uncrossing and cleansing often helps release the psychic bonds that hold us back, but we ourselves must create the resolve to not fall back into those bonds.

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