Saturday, January 23, 2016

Uncovering Your Spiritual Court

In previous posts, I discussed what I call the “spiritual court,” but what exactly is it?
The spiritual court is a matrix of ancestors, spirits, and divinities that surround you. These living beings may have been with you since birth or may have been attracted to your region by life choices, magic practices, or simply through a chance encounter. They have a great effect on your life, thought-processes, luck, and much more. Their subtle to gross nature manifests daily as each spirit within your court seeks attention from you in their own unique ways.

"How then can you discover what spirits accompany you through your life journey?"

Admittedly, this is not any easy task for anyone to undertake, but then again, self-discovery takes time and discipline! The best place to start is with those spirits that are nearest to you: your ancestors. The act of researching them will often call them to life around you. You may spend some time on the web reading about your genealogy and later find yourself having dreams of long past ancestors. Perhaps, grandpa comes to visit you in your dreams, or you find yourself dreaming about living in lands of your ancestors. Such occurrences should be noted as signs that your ancestors are beginning to awaken in your spiritual court.

Take your time in this process, try to broaden your knowledge as much as possible. Learn some old folk songs of your heritage, cook traditional meals that your ancestors may have eaten, and above all try to spend time communicating with relatives that know stories about your family. No one needs to know what you are doing, and if they ask you can simply say you are doing research to learn more about your family’s history. Does your family name have a coat of arms? Then display it above the altar dedicated to your ancestors. Do you have medals that were awarded to a family member who was in combat? This too is appropriate for your altar. Along with regular service, these nuances will bring life into your spirituality and you will begin to feel their presence in your daily dealings.

"Okay. So, how do you find out about other spirits in your court?"
Within you is a complete spirituality. You were born with everything that you need to connect with the spiritual world pre-wired to you. Although the knowledge may have been lost to you, the clues are oftentimes so unassuming that you may have brushed them off. Did your grandmother have a saint that she prayed too? If so, that is an excellent place to start. The Catholic Church is the definitive source for all things saint related and can provide you with a wealth of information including prayers, rites, and feast days.

For those of a more disconnected spirituality, you may need to do a bit more research. Those that came from families that have a generational disconnect in their spirituality often struggle to find a spirit or saint to put their attention toward. The solution for this can often be found in your ancestral research. Does your family have Scottish roots? Then perhaps you should explore St Andrew. Irish or Celtic roots? St. Patrick and St. Brigid are both patrons of the Irish with roots that go deeper than the Catholic Church. Are you Scandinavian? Perhaps you should spend some time reading the Elder Eddas and study the Runes.

It is important that wherever your spirituality leads you that it should be through the roots of your own bloodline. That is where your power lies. Not from a catalogue of spirits whom you have no connection to, but rather the forces that led generation after generation to your creation. Honoring your roots should be the core of your spiritual practices, and within those roots are places of power and spirits ready to not only be elevated but also elevate you.

It is fair to say that spiritual afflictions caused by a person’s neglected spiritual court. Sure, the individual has no problem calling on Hindu gods, demons, or a variety of other spirits to establish their spirituality, but when it comes to their own spirits they are often clueless. These people experience bad luck, poor health, and sometimes mental illness. The condition is like feeding your neighbor’s children while ignoring and neglecting your own, eventually your own spirits will begin to have a real issue with you! Ignorance to electricity does not mean that you still can’t get electrocuted, and your spirituality can be no less forgiving.

It is important to seek guidance and counseling from a competent worker if you are having issues, don’t think you can fix it on your own if you lack proper knowledge. A true worker can deal with the spirits on your behalf to help you establish a clear line of communication and get you on track with the right practices. Some skilled workers can divine the identities of your spiritual court and help you in the process of building relationships with your spirits. A good worker and teacher will strive to make you independent and not try to hold the key to your spirituality, but rather help you unlock and open the door for yourself.

For those interested in learning more about the identities of the spirits in their court, and how to encounter these beings feel free to select the palm reading option here on my blog. I will personally contact you and explain to you the spirits within your court and how you can contact them for yourself.