Monday, February 3, 2020

What Should Be On My Ancestor Altar?

An altar is a place where you commune with particular spirits. It is a place where offerings are made or magic is done. In a very real sense it is a representation of your relationship with spiritual beings. So, before placing things haphazardly in this area some considerations must be made.

Who Are My Ancestors?

Your ancestors are the countless generations that preceded you in this life. They are those that struggled and toiled so that you could have the existence that you have today. Ancestors are generally the direct genetic line to you but also sometimes extended family. For those that are adopted they generally will have two set of ancestors those they were born with and those of their adoptive family. in general, your ancestors are there to assist you with life's difficulties. 

How Do I Build An Altar?

With all spiritual relationships, things should be taken one small step at a time. The very first step is to establish a place in your home where you can commune with them. This place should allow privacy for both you and your ancestors. If you are limited on space I recommend getting a simple cabinet where you can open and close the doors when you work with them. 

On the altar for them you should place a white plate of a cloth, I prefer to use a plate as it is generally fire safe for you to burn candles upon. You may want to put up some pictures in the area of deceased. I placed a casket cross from my great grandmother's funeral here as well. Try not to clutter the space, and be mindful that you may want some room to do magic. 

Salute Your Ancestors

Now that the place has been neatly and mindfully arranged you can salute your ancestors here. Take a moment beforehand and clean and organize your home first. It's a little bit of something extra to let them know you are taking them seriously, it will also ensure that the energy moves smoothly during the ceremony. It helps if you do some simple quiet relaxation before hand as well.

How Often should I Give Offerings and What Should I Give?

In the beginning, a weekly tea light and a glass of water is all that is necessary. This is because you are greeting them into your life, elevating them, and asking them to help. However, there is nothing wrong with giving a small offering to them such as some tobacco, liquor, white flowers, or even some incense. Generally, in giving flowers to your ancestors its best to give white flowers, leaving them on the altar until they wilt. For incense I recommend burning frankincense for it's harmonizing and purifying qualities. 

Let me emphasize that less is more! You can bog down your ancestors with frequent and large offerings. A small amount is all that is necessary, and it should be removed after 24 hours. More offerings doesn't mean that you will get what you want because offerings are not bribes, they are signs of appreciation and respect.

Every Relationship Is Different
When you start this process it may begin blissfully, and seem like life will be smooth sailing. For some this may be true, but for others they may encounter difficulties. Stubborn and difficult ancestors do exist, and they may seem like they are blocking your progress. These ancestors require extra attention and need to be purified through your service and acknowledgement of them. You don't have to like each other, but if you help them elevate they will no longer be an obstacle for you. Your job here is illumination and elevation.

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