Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Magic as Medicine

Magic, Spellcraft, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Conjure are all words we use to describe when we wish to alter the current state of the situation to something that better suits our needs and desires. It can be a very useful tool to allow us to go after opportunities that may not be otherwise available. We get ourselves into trouble when the power of magic enchants us and we suddenly feel we need to have every little situation under our control.

Wanga Sick

This sort of magical sickness is sometimes called wanga sick in certain traditions. Wanga is a word from Bantu origins that means something like undulations. Wanga is actually a great term for magic because we must stir the pot in our lives to so that we can create new opportunities for ourselves. However, this sickness occurs when we stir the pot too much and never let our lives settle. Faster and faster, increasing the temperature, until we have a disaster that has a major impact on our well-being.

Realizing that most magic is a medicine, and medicine as we know can be abused. There is a way to better avoid this by setting up a system of procedures to follow in most situations.

It's In The Timing

Enchanting things is an act of passion. When you act on those desires and pent up passions you release energy. Although most people won't be consciously aware of what they are feeling, they may unconsciously react with fear and revulsion if you come into contact with them right after working. The best time to work is late in the evening when the world is quiet, and allow for your self to "come back down" after you start. 

Remember Good Hygiene

When you do work sometimes those energies stick to you or you attract entities into your aura. Again people can sense these invisible energies and may react to them in an unfavorable way. It's important to cleanse and uncross regularly to release those energies from your aura.

More Flies With Honey

Grab the sweet stuff first. Try to start correcting an undesirable situation with a person by first trying to sweeten them up. Is there a coworker that seems like they have it out for you and constantly aggravating you? Your natural reaction may be to grab that vinegar, but instead reach for the honey and try and make them sweet to you. The person that was once tattling on your every little move is now singing your praises. 

Maybe They Just Need Some Training

Maybe you've been having an issue with your direct supervisor and despite having done a honey spell on them they still talk down to you and belittle you. This is when you start reaching for those commanding oils. They are trying to walk all over you? It's time to put them under your heel and start walking on them! However, once the behavior is corrected it's best to now stop working on them. Think of it like training a dog: there is no need to correct the dog if the behavior stops. The lesson has been learned whether or not they realized they were learning. If you continue having a power trip, expect a rebellion!

Why Can't Some People Just Learn?

You've been fair this whole time, and no matter what you can't seem to polish this turd. No matter what you do they consistently have it out for you. It's time to just throw them in the thrash. Now, you bust out those black candles and DUME oil. At this point you have done your best to apply lubrication to the squeaky gears, but all the social lube in the world won't fix what is broken. 

There is no one size fits all approach to every situation. Everyone is different and everyone will react in ways you may not expect. The above approach is to give you a frame of mind of how to approach magic and not become entranced by its power, that is how you develop wisdom. Besides the negative impact on your life, you just look plain goofy thinking you are all powerful while working a 9 to 5 job like the rest of us.

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