Friday, August 28, 2020

How To Contact The Saints


A common question that should be addressed is: "How do I contact a saint?"

Saints, in general, are rather easy to establish a relationship with. Modern authors, in their rush to reach a page count and in an attempt to seem unique create complex methods. The reality is that approaching any saint is quite easy.

The first step is having a place to thoughtfully approach the spirit. This can be a temporary altar space. This space doesn't need to be a big investment, a tray table will suffice. You will need an image of the saint you are trying to commune with. Simply print one from your computer and either tape it to the wall or place it in an inexpensive frame.

In this space you will light a white candle for the saint and offer a glass of clean cool water. You don't need an expensive novena candle, a simple tea light will do the trick. Once you have presented the candle and water to the saint, you will offer a recitation of the rosary for the saint. This serves as an invocation of Mary the Gates of Heaven to open the way between you and the saints. 

Finally, if you there is a specific prayer to that saint you should now recite it. Before closing clearly state why you are reaching out to the saint. Once finished give a license to depart and patiently allow the spirit to leave. 

That is the skin and bones method that will put you in touch with most saints. You can do additional things like burn frankincense for the spirit as well, however, your general framework should be built around this method. If after nine days of using this method you have no manifestation it may simply mean that saint is not interested in you. In which case respectfully take down their image and start doing divinations to find out who wants to help you. The best saints to start with are family patron saints or a popular local saint. 

Good luck.

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