Friday, February 7, 2020

Why Water?

Water and libations are a key role in maintaining relationships with spirits. A glass of water on their altar or on your nightstand invites communication with spirits, as well as, allows the spirits to refresh themselves. Some traditions even dictate how many glasses of water should be on an altar and how they should be arranged. 

A Medium of Communication

Water is the medium by which spirits are able to communicate with us effectively. Keeping a glass near your head at night will allow them to refresh not only themselves but you as well. When you are offering water to a spirit you are demonstrating peace and respect to them, allowing them to cool themselves and manifest for you. 

Water Helps Manifest the Spirits

We make these types of offerings to keep the spirits manifest in our lives, so that they remain interested in our affair. We also do this in a minimalistic fashion so that we do not give too much to these invisible forces where they dominate us, but rather just enough to keep them present and effective. 

Communication in Dreams

To use water as a medium for communication simply take a glass of water, add a pinch of salt, and place it on your nightstand before you go to sleep. Be sure to speak over the water and ask the spirits to come and speak to you in your dreams. Reciting psalm 23 over the water will also help with the manifestation you are seeking. 

Communication During Prayer

Having water on your spiritual altar will call the spirits to be present when you pray and meditate. your meditations will begin to seem deeper, and your mind should have more revealing messages. Again you want to refresh the water as soon as a cloudiness begins to appear. In the beginning the water may get cloudy quickly, and that is oaky. This is happening because the connection between you and the spirits is being purified. 

Things You Should Know

Don't be surprised if a build up begins to form on the glass that you can't seem to scrub away. That is how the spirits mark their territory. Once you start using a glass for the spirits you are best to consider it to be their glass moving forward. Don't use the glass for other things and DO NOT drink the water. 

If you use tap water, it's best to let it sit out over night before offering it, this is because of chemicals that are used to clean the water need to evaporate. Another misunderstanding with tap water is the bubbles that form, this is a natural process of compressed gas escaping the water. Having bubbles or no bubbles is not an indication of the presence of spirits. 

Incorporating this little bit of knowledge into you regular practices will add a depth that may have been missing before. Many may find they sleep better and remember their dreams more clearly. If you don't already have water out I recommend you start today.

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