Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Why A Peaceful Home Is Important

Facebook conjure groups are riddled with questions and requests for love spells, revenge spells, money spells, and so on. I can't remember the last time someone asked, "How do I make my home peaceful?"

A peaceful home is the foundation upon which you create a quality life for yourself.

If your home is chaotic your relationships will be in turmoil, unexpected bills will keep cropping up, and your enemies will seem to be around every corner. A home that lacks peace will never let you feel restful and at ease when you need it most. Your nights may even be disturbed with restless sleep and maybe even nightmares.

Clean House

In order to cultivate a peaceful environment you must first have a clean and tidy environment. Go through your house and do your best to clean up and organize your space. The deeper you clean the better your results will be, don't be shy about getting into all the nooks and crannies to clean. That closet that you never open because of the mess? It's time to get in there.

Burn incense

Next, you want to clean the air with some form of incense. Frankincense is great for this purpose. It will raise the energy and sweeten the home. If you feel that you need something a bit more heavy duty you may wish to try burning some bay, garlic skins, and salt, but I recommend following up with frankincense. Make sure when you fumigate the house that you open all the windows first. Go deliberately from room to room and fan the smoke into the corners, cabinets and closets.

Sweeten the Home

Once you have fumigated the home you may wish to come back with some perfumes and waters to continue sweetening things. I mix some Florida water, sweet herbal waters (sorry its a proprietary recipe!), a little liquor, and seven strong men (for some extra oomf) in a spray bottle. In the same fashion as before go from room to room lightly spritzing each room and speaking your desires for peace and prosperity. 

Pray and Meditate

Your home should be feeling pretty good by this point. Now, you should place yourself before your spiritual or ancestral altar and begin to pray and meditate. Thank your ancestors, guides, and guardian spirits for bringing peace and prosperity into your life as sincerely as you can. You may also wish to clean yourself with a spiritual bath as well to fully get in touch with these energies.

Keep the Peace

At this point you are likely feeling really good about the vibe you have in your home, but what happens from this point forward will dictate how well you maintain it. A peaceful home is as peaceful as the people that cross through your threshold. 

  • Be mindful of who you allow into your home. 
  • If you have friends that love drama maybe it's better to meet at their place or somewhere else. 
  • Consider putting up wards above your door or in your home to better protect your peace. 
  • Burn incense regularly to keep the air sweet
  • Keep up on the tidiness
If you can maintain your peace you will be free from distraction and allow yourself to prosper.

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