Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Head Spirit Vs The HGA

There seems to be a great deal of confusion and erroneously held beliefs between the western concept of the Holy Guardian Angel and the Head Spirit of Haitian Vodou. At some point in my development I actually believed that they were similar, but as I grew in my understanding and within my tradition I realized that they are two entirely different phenomenon. It is my intention to point out the differences between the two different concepts and demonstrate the continued colonialism of westerners into foreign traditions.

The HGA in Origin

The notion of guardian angles was largely championed by Christianity in the 5th century, although there is a mentioning in both Islam and Zoroastrianism, Christians expanded deeply upon the concept liturgically and theologically. In Catholicism the guardian angel is an angel set to preside over each individual from birth. Through daily prayer and devotion, one develops a working relationship with this angel. One famous instance of this is recorded in the life of the stigmatic Padre Pio, who claimed that he could see and speak to his guardian angel from a very young age. The guardian angel is consistently described as an external force meant to guide the faithful and guard them from danger and demonic forces.

The Holy Guardian Angel in the Abramelin

The Holy Guardian Angel commonly called the “HGA” was a concept that originated in a medieval grimoire commonly called the Abramelin naming an author of Abraham von Worms, supposedly legitimizing the magic in the grimoire as being Jewish in origin. This type of notion was popular in texts of the time that the Jews in their closed culture were hiding esoteric mysteries from the goyim. What makes the claim of that the grimoire is Jewish in origin stands as a dubious claim is the fact that it is written in German instead of Yiddish, which would have made sense if we are to believe its supposed origins. The primary claim of this particular grimoire is that it is to place the magician in contact and communication with his very own Holy Guardian Angel, and in doing such would confer authority to the magician over all “unredeemed spirits” upon the earth. The supposed method was given to Abraham von Worms by an Egyptian mystic by the name of Abramelin.

The HGA and the Magical Revival

In my younger years I readily swallowed the story of this Jewish mystic writing down the secrete magic of Abramelin in the form of letter to his son Lamech. I mean it all fit my immature model of the magic and the universe as was introduced to via the Golden Dawn’s founder Samuel L. Macgregor Mather’s and espoused by Aliester Crowley, the self-proclaimed prophet of the Aeon. Mather’s original translation called The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, was based on French manuscripts that were resting in the Bibliotheque de l’Arsenal. Unknown to Mather’s was the numerous flaws omissions in the translation and seals from the manuscript he was working from. However, the concept of the Holy Guardian Angel and the Knowledge and Conversation thereof would become the focal point of the teachings of the Golden Dawn and later that of Crowley’s A.’.A.’..

The influence of the Golden Dawn, Crowley, and Thelema upon the modern understanding and practice of magic would become immeasurable. These concepts would be parroted from generation after generation of aspiring magicians without question and would eventually became canon for all novices. The pervasive ideology of the need for a guardian angel reached peak levels of nonsense when Satanic and Luciferian magicians claimed the notion of a Guardian Demon that was in opposition to the supposed Holy Guardian Angel. All the while not a single person making a claim to neither confirmed nor denied their own gnosis or knowledge and conversation. Most would begin a circular argument that someone must complete the supposed rite and know for themselves. The nonsense of not being able to adequately prove let alone discuss the phenomenon should give any reasonable person a moment of pause. In fact, the continued obscurity of the HGA by magicians that have supposedly attained this union flies in the face of the “wisdom” of the Abramelin itself:

“Everyone should be able to describe properly everything that he has seen and learned. A clear description of what has been seen gives listeners the opportunity to judge whether a traveler’s boasts are true.” –Abraham von Worms

Haitan Vodou and Colonialism

Haitian Vodou, the indigenous religion of Haiti well known for its influence over the Haitian revolution as well as having a large influence over Haitian politics has always been a source of fascination of Americans. The journalist William Seabrook published a rather sensationalist account of Haitian Vodou in his book The Magical Island in 1921. A book that would later inspire the film White Zombie. The notion of wild orgies and midnight fire-lit ceremonies where priests of invisible dark forces would be the source of a great deal of media while simultaneously distorting the ancestral traditions of the Haitian people.

In 1964 a man by the name of Michael Bertiaux would travel to Haiti and claim his initiation into Haitian Vodou, as well as, stake claims to an order of dubious origins known as the OTOA by which he somehow becomes the sole authority. (Sounds very similar to Crowley and the OTO, huh?) He would publish essays of his version of Vodou that would later be compiled under a single text called the Voudon Gnostic Workbook. This collection ranging from simple hoodoo spells to rambling virtually incoherent nonsense of homosexual sex magic, pseudo-Loas, and secret initiations would become fuel for a movement to gain access to the secret magic of the Haitian people. The overall tone of his work smacks of an intelligent white man who took mystical knowledge from another people only to improve upon it.

A more modern author, published under the name of E.A. Koetting would publish another pseudo-Haitian Vodou grimoire known as The Spider and the Green Butterfly. Making bold claims of having “backdoor initiations” or being able to command the powers of the Loa. He goes as far as claiming that a counsel of “Master Houngans” convened over his because the information was so incredibly crucial. What the work did offer however was a collection of poorly compiled information on a handful of Loas (one of which was even mis-gendered) and pseudo-ceremonies that have no foundation in the actual practice of Haitian Vodou.

Now this essay isn’t meant to pick on individuals who have made a profit by exploiting traditions that they have no valid claim to, I am merely setting the stage for my next point.

The Met Tet and Initiation

Within Haitian Vodou it is understood that Vodouisants have a Met Tet commonly referred to as Head Spirit, a being that presides over the spirituality of the individual. The purpose of the Head Spirit is better understood by the literal translation of Met Tet: Head Master. This spirit governs and protects the spirituality of the vodousiant. This relationship is secured only by initiation whereby a houngan (priest) prepares the head and soul of the initiate to receive the spirit. After the initiation the Head Spirit now resides in the head of the initiate. Possession play a necessary role in the initiation and must occur in order for the rite to be considered successful. The spirit will mount its “horse,” perform magic, offer advice, and voice concerns. The result of this union numbers the initiate among the ancestors of the society that initiated them, and grants a tremendous amount of spiritual authority. What is interesting is that the notion of guardian angels exists in some Vodou societies as a separate spiritual phenomenon that is tied to the influences of Catholicism in Vodou.

This process vastly differs from the asceticism of the Abramelin which involves solitude, prayer, and meditation. It also differs in the certainty of attainment of the spirit and the knowledge that the spirit that has been encountered is correct. The HGA is described an external force in the text while the Head Spirit exists within the head of the initiate. While the Holy Guardian Angel gives authority over “unredeemed spirits” the Head Spirit grants authority over the spirituality of the initiate and grants generational authority from all ancestors affiliated with the society. To this end, we are absolutely dealing with two different phenomenon, each one unique and each deserving the respect of individual recognition. Conflating the notion of the Holy Guardian Angel with the Head Spirit serves only the interest of a certain few who are seeking validity without having to explain themselves. 

Stop colonizing other traditions and work to understand your own. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Crossed Condition

In a previous article I discussed how to reverse evil and bad luck. For most people following the protocols of that article will set them straight, but for a minority they may find that the effects are either temporary or non-existent. This can be a sign of a greater and more serious chronic spiritual problem: commonly called a “crossed condition,” or simply “crossed.”

Someone who has been crossed by a spiritual force will find themselves in consistent and persistent cycles of bad luck. Life will constantly seem to go from bad to worse. Magic may only slightly and temporarily work these types of people, but oftentimes as quickly as a miracle may happen for them it is undone by some other force. They may do a money spell to give their finances a boost, but when they get that extra money their car suddenly breaks down and their extra money is now gone. It is almost as if a spirit or force is attempting to make them doubt that magic exists and can help them.

More often than not, a crossed individual finds themselves unwillingly estranged from family. Worse yet, they may have interpersonal difficulties . Even their work lives are tumultuous, coworkers seems to constantly conspire against them, and no matter what they do their boss is overbearing. It seems as though they have no quarter in their lives, no personal refuge. Many end up addicted to drugs and alcohol as a way of self-medicating or numbing their senses to their harsh lives. It quickly becomes a compounding problem, and the spiral of bad luck and bad decisions whirls out of control.

By now, some of you may be wondering how people arrive into such a state. The answers are quite numerous, as someone can find themselves in these circumstances in a variety of ways. Hopefully, setting some examples will deter some of you from ending up in a crossed condition.

Sacrilege and Loitering in Sacred Places

Young and rebellious teens who may have a chip on their shoulder regarding religion sometimes like to go and prove themselves against world. They may think that when they go out to desecrate a church at night that there will be no consequence for them, but those spirits that inhabit those places certainly won’t forget the slight. Temples and shrines are not just places where humans gather to worship they also serve as a place for spirits to congregate as well. A spirit will not be happy with you if you ruin it’s favorite place of worship!

There are many places that although alluring, ought to be left alone. Teenagers often like to seclude themselves from the view of adults in cemeteries. Cemeteries are rarely frequented by people after dark, and so they make a great place to hang out and do things that unsupervised teenagers do. (I was a kid once, so I know!) Drugs and alcohol open the minds of most users whether they realize it or not. So they are making themselves vulnerable in places where spirits dwell. Some spirits may not appreciate people making a ruckus in their dwelling areas and definitely won’t appreciate any mess left behind.

Not only do they offer a hideaway from prying eyes allowing for mischief, but some gifted teenagers often have budding occult interests. What better way to test out that spooky book on magic than to go to a spooky place and try out some spells? What could possibly go wrong! Which brings us to the next topic:


Dabbling with magic is a recipe for disaster. An inexperienced magician, with an understanding of the occult that stems from television and movies coupled with a desire to rebel at all costs, is a dangerous thing.  Many armchair magicians will scoff at the notion of an untrained attempt at magic producing any real results, but the experienced few know that it can take very little to attract a spirit. Just as someone gifted with a talent of singing can easily carry a melody, someone who has the talent of sorcery can easily call upon a spirit. However, they may not have the ability to send away the spirit, appease the spirit, or possibly not even sense the spirit in the first place! Now, there is an annoyed spirit that is hanging around and it may decide to cause problems.

Someone May Have Crossed You

In many sources of witchcraft the topic of cursing, laying tricks, or crossing others tends to be quite popular. There are so many methods that can be employed on others that they are too numerous to discuss here. However, it is quite fair to assume that if you do magic, you may have someone in one of your social circles that may practice as well. Social media widens those social circles, and believe me, there is no limit to how petty someone can be.

Enemies will work day and night to see you fail, and based on their skill (or the skill of someone they hire) you may be in for a bumpy ride. It’s funny to consider that some will spend less time on self-improvement than they will lighting candles to see their enemy’s downfall.  People are petty and will 
throw for the most asinine of reasons, but generally the root is that of jealousy.

Symptoms of Being Crossed

Like a cold or flu, this condition has symptoms that can hint at the problem. You may suddenly experience a pain between your neck and shoulders, a persistent cough may suddenly develop, you may get a strange rash or skin condition, or begin to start having nightmares. The longer the condition continues you may start to notice that people become hostile towards you, bad luck seems to be waiting for you at every turn, your money seems to constantly dry up due to unforeseen problems, hallucinations may begin to occur, poltergeist activity may start in your home or around you, even death can occur if not properly dealt with.

What Can Be Done

At the very hint that something is not right one should begin with an Uncrossing Ceremony or a Reversal. If early enough along the issue may clear itself up. However, very advanced situations may require the intervention of an experienced spiritual worker. If one goes the route of a spiritual worker, make sure they have experience with crossed conditions and have the competence to help you. If they start getting out sage and crystals, you ought to go somewhere else. Although sage and crystals have their place, dealing with a person that is crossed or jinx will require greater juju or power.

If you feel that you have a crossed condition or would like a consultation, please feel free to contact me.

*This blog post is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Always consult with your doctor first if you have any illness.*

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Be Sweet to Me

Who doesn’t need a little sweetness in their lives? Whether it comes from family, friends, loved ones, or employers; there are times when we require certain people to be a little extra sweet to us. It may be that our relationship with an important individual to us has become a bit strained and we need to be able to resolve that situation in the smoothest way possible. Maybe the boss has extra cranky at the 
workplace and a little bit of breathing room is necessary to be comfortable at our jobs again. 

Whatever the reason, it’s important to know how to make someone sweet to us again.

Many so-called magicians object to using magic to “manipulate” others for our own desires, but then what else would magic be for? The pursuit of transcendental attainments, although theoretically appealing, tend to put us in conflict with the natural order of the universe. Without the important skills of subtle manipulation one might find themselves without a friend or ally. What good does your transcendental vision quest do for you if your boss fires you or you lose your network of support? And what is so wrong with making a love interest sweeter to you anyway? Some of us may lack natural charm and good looks, and a little bit of sweetness can go a long way.

Although there are numerous methods of sweetening others to you for a variety of reason, we are going to stick to methods that require few ingredients and simple methods. We need results, and we are on a budget. That is not to say that quality ingredients and refined methods don’t yield good results, but the confidence gained of achieving results with simple methods is important in evaluating one’s own skill.

This method will require the following: a small jar, a picture of the person to be made sweet, pure honey (make sure it is 100% natural honey), and a candle.

When you are ready to start, begin by lighting your candle.

Next, you will do the Kabbalistic Cross and follow with the Middle Pillar Ritual.
On the back of the picture you will write the following words: In the name of the spirits of my family father’s side mother’s side, I give you this sweet, so that you (insert person’s name) will be sweet to me and give me everything I want.

Place the picture in the jar so that the image is facing up. Pour honey in the jar as you recite the words you have written on the back of the paper, filling the jar to just below the brim.

Now, take the jar and the candle and present it to the four directions: east, west, north, and south. State your intentions clearly as you face each direction and ask that the spirit make this person sweet to you.

Place the candle and jar on your white tile or white plate where you do your ancestor ceremony.

At this point you can either allow the candle to burn down or begin to recite relevant psalms and prayers to aide your magic. I highly recommend using Psalms: 28, 31, 46, 47 for restoring relationships with friends and family, and using Psalms 47, 74, 132 for employers you are trying to sweeten. It doesn’t hurt to recite a Litany of the Saints as well when doing this sort of work. For an extensive lists of Psalms and prayers I recommend The Master Book of Psalms and The Book of Prayer by Jean Kent.

When you are done praying and the candle has burnt out place the jar of honey in your freezer. Continue your prayers and affirmations for the person to be sweet to you until you see a change in their behavior. Remember: Just because they are sweet does not mean that you can be abusive towards them! Be sweet yourself, and you will attract that behavior from others.

If you are seeking general love in your life, cut out a red heart and place it on your plate where you serve your ancestors. Try giving them some sweet honey and telling them to make your love life sweet for you.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Reversing Evil and Bad Luck

It is without a doubt that in the course of your magical career you will come upon those who wish to do destroy you for reasons you may not understand. These people are oftentimes close to you, whether they are co-workers, friends, or even family. They tend to identify themselves through criticism of your every idea and advancement in your life. When you bring sunshine, they respond with rain. The worst part is that through circumstance you are forced to deal with their curmudgeonly behavior.

It even seems like their presence seems to bring a negative vibe, and that vibe seems to darken your otherwise sunny day. When your back is turned to them you can feel their eyes projecting all their hatred and jealousy towards you. After long days in their presence you feel drained, irritable, and frustrated. All the good feelings you cultivated during the day seem burned up and all you want to do is crash for the day.

Eventually, it starts to seem like nothing is going your way. Your boss is on your case about everything you do at work and now informs you that you will be put on probation. No matter what you do, you always seem to be chronically late. Your whole paycheck seems to evaporate to minor expenses. You keep catching a cold and can’t seem to get a decent night’s sleep. All-in-all it’s as if a cloud of bad luck is following you around!

It’s almost as if something unpleasant has crossed your path, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get away from it.

Watch out. You may be dealing with the negative projections of those unpleasant people you have to be around. There is a proverb that says, “The tongue is the strongest muscle, yet it has no bones.”
People curse with their mouths. Every word that is spoken against you and your success is a direct attack on you magically. You see we are almost always surrounded by spirits, and spirits are listening to our every command. When someone is speaking evil about you, oftentimes there is a spirit listening to their evil wishes that seeks to fulfill them. A couple of bad remarks may not go very far, but a consistent pattern of negative behavior towards you can cause a great deal of magical problems.

Magic isn’t just lighting candles, calling spirits, and making talismans or fetishes. Magic is largely the way you think, the way you speak, and the way you act. Happy people have happy thoughts, speak kind words, and behave kindly towards others. Oftentimes, happy people tend to have good luck that follows them. Many assume that happy people are happy because of their good luck, but the reality is that happy people create their good luck through their thoughts, words, and actions. 

Conversely, unhappy people who think negatively, speak negatively, and act poorly generally have bad luck. They will complain about how unfair life is, and seem to always have bad luck to accompany their bad decisions.

Back to the subject at hand: what is an effective method to deal with the negative and evil projections of others? I am going to give you a method that does not require herbal baths, expensive ingredients, or elaborate rituals. This method can be performed in the privacy of your own home and others will not know that you are doing magic. You don’t need an altar (although it can be helpful), all you need is a few quiet minutes of private time.

You may already have a copy of Jean Kent’s Master Book of Psalms, available through, if not you can research the psalms yourself. I highly recommend this work as it comes with passwords and phrases to command the Angels behind the psalms to work for you more effectively. Even without the book, if you properly perform this method you WILL see results and improvements in your life.

For this practice you are going to utilize Psalm 54, twice a day for seven days you will do the following: First you will begin by performing the Ancestor Ceremony, followed by the Kabbalistic Cross and theMiddle Pillar, and once you are relazed you will recite Psalm 54. Close with the Kabbalistic Cross and thank the spirits for assisting you.

Before you finish your seven days you should begin to see things clearing up for you. This psalm will return evil spirits and negativity back to their source, oftentimes with surprising results. There is no limit to how frequently you work this magic. Don’t be afraid to be proactive and use this magic before you start new projects. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Communicating With Spirits

There is a great misunderstanding in the realm of magic that one needs to be psychically developed to speak to spirits. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there is no real prerequisite for being able to effectively communicate with spirits other than having a method of divination at your disposal. Understanding how to effectively utilize tools of divination will not only aide you in communicating with spirits, but also facilitate your intuition and clairvoyance.

There are several different forms and techniques of divination, some may see simple on the surface while others may seem much more complex. It is most important to find what works best for you, whether you choose to work with geomancy, pendulums, astragals, tarot, or playing cards. Each method available to you has its own virtues and pitfalls, most notably are “yes/no” methods as they can cause obsession in novices. Your divinatory method is doing you little good if you can’t make a single decision without consulting your pendulum.

It is my wish that the following example that I will provide for you will help to enhance your spirituality and increase your effectiveness in your magic. In the following example I will use the Tarot as the divinatory method, but don’t feel as though you must use the Tarot. You are encouraged to experiment and discover what works best for you.

Let’s suppose that you have an important life decision that you have to make and you have found yourself at an impasse. Maybe you have a car that has been giving you problems, you brought it to a mechanic and he told you that he can get it running perfectly for you again, but it will cost you a few grand. Now, you have the money saved to get the car repaired, but at the same time there is a local car dealership selling pre-owned newish cars that are within your price range if you are willing to make monthly payments. You aren’t certain that if you get the car repaired that you own outright that you won’t have any problems, but you also don’t know if you will be happy making car payments each month.

It’s time to go to the spirits and get their counsel so that you can move forward with your life.
You start by going to your ancestor’s altar and performing the ceremony described in my earlier post Ancestral Veneration. You light your candle and present with a glass of cool water. After a few moments you begin to sense their presence. You may continue with some prayers of gratitude and appreciation to them, and then you inform them of why you have summoned them. You ask them to speak with you through the Tarot cards that you have previously placed on their altar.

You want to be 100% sure that you are in the proper state of mind, so that you are free from any sort of bias. So, you prepare some hyssop in a bowl of spring water with a few drops of Kabbalah Water. You light a tea light and float it in the water, and you begin to recite Psalm 51 over the waters. As you splash the waters over your face, back of your neck, and hands you say, “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

The cool waters calm you mind and you are already beginning to feel more receptive to the messages you are about to receive. You anoint yourself with some Kabbalah Oil and say, “Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments.  Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. Lord, I have hoped for thy salvation, and done thy commandments. My soul hath kept thy testimonies; and I love them exceedingly. I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies: for all my ways are before thee. Let my cry come near before thee, O Lord: give me understanding according to thy word. Let my supplication come before thee: deliver me according to thy word. My lips shall utter praise, when thou hast taught me thy statutes.”

As final touch you perform the middle pillar exercise and you feel the energy coursing through your body. You are in complete control of your universe and you pick up the cards and as you shuffle you formulate your questions. You decided that it would be best to ask two different questions so that you could understand what your life would be with either vehicle. You cut the cards into two piles. For the sake of simplicity you draw only three cards for each question.

“How will keeping my current car affect me?”

You draw the 7 of disks, Tower, and 4 of Swords. It seems as though even though you might save some money now, the car will give you more problems in the future, and leave you feeling burnt out.

“How will financing a new car affect me?”

You draw the Chariot, the Magician, and the Fool. You are struck by the auspiciousness of the cards. It seems as though your ancestors want to see you take control of your life and have a fresh outlook on your life. You spend some time thinking about it and you realize your fear of change has been inhibiting you in more ways than just your choice of transportation.

You thank your ancestors again and give them a license to peacefully depart. The ball is now in your court and you are loaded with the information you need to make a sound decision in your life.

Even though the above story is fiction, it serves as a useful example of how you can establish an effective means of communication with a system of divination. Pay special attention to the additional instructions of purifying and anointing yourself, as those minor extra steps can grant you higher perspective and clarity in delicate spiritual matters.   

Saturday, March 4, 2017

An Act of Confession

Confession: Alleviating the Burdens of the Soul

There are many who come to me saying that they do not know where to start in their spiritual practices. They often have a sense of heaviness about them and are looking for the ability to improve their lives and make real changes within themselves. They will oftentimes carry on about their past, ways in which they felt they have been slighted by others, and ways in which they have done wrong for themselves.

My first piece of advice is generally to go before their ancestors and confess themselves to bring relief to their sense of burden. Generally, that is not the spiritual advice they are looking for as most want a quick fix to their problems, they want a bath or a juju bag to improve their condition or sense of self-worth. While spiritual baths, candle workings, and charms do improve certain conditions for them, if the root cause is not addressed the problem will continue to persist.

The Medicine for Our Souls

As human beings we have to navigate a labyrinth of difficult choices. Deciding a course of action that we feel best suits our personal belief systems and motivations. Inherently lazy, we will often times choose the easiest path and act a though our decisions have little impact on others or that they may have “had it coming.” Sometimes, someone may have it coming, but if we are continually finding ourselves in opposition to others then we should spend some serious time in introspection. Regardless, our choices have an impact, and at some point we must acknowledge that impact and take responsibility for the decisions we make.

Confession is good for the soul. It allows us to move beyond mere introspection, giving us the power to evoke our flaws and weaknesses so that they may be addressed and banished. Moreover, the act of confessing ourselves before our ancestors and spiritual court demonstrates our humility and respect not only for them but also ourselves. We may find that those long-answered prayers suddenly begin to manifest in our lives, our luck seems to become boundless, or even we are graced with some extra money; all of which comes from the grace of the spirits that see our sense of humility.

Confession and Contrition: a Practical Tool for the Magician

Many of the Grimiores suggest that the magician goes through a period of purification before evoking spirits. The Abramelin insists upon a daily confession during the period of preparation for the evoking of the Holy guardian Angel. Not only should the magician spend his time reciting psalms and purifying himself externally, he should also be purifying his soul to call upon the spirits by the names of various divinities.

A magician that finds himself in a predicament of being under spiritual attack can also make use of confession and contrition. This is very useful if the magician is being wrongfully assaulted. He may wish to begin doing reversal work on his assailant, while simultaneously confessing himself for any wrong-doing that may have caused this situation. Sometimes, his own arrogance attracted an enemy that may just want to test and humiliate him.

I will give a personal experience and how I dealt with it:

In my own arrogance I had unknowingly created an enemy. I had no idea that somebody that I didn’t know had it out for me over the fact that I had written something on a forum that they didn’t agree with it. Rather than simply ignore the person I antagonized them. They had such a chip on their shoulder over the experience that they hired a serious worker to mess with me. My own spirits came to me and said that I had created the situation out of my own arrogance, and that I had to dig myself out of the ditch!
Instead of being paralyzed by the experience I turned my focus on the problem: me. Naturally, I began a reversal to send the magic back to the source, reciting Psalm 54 is very useful for matters like this. But I then began to express my guilt for the role I played in the situation to the spirits. Each morning I would wake up and confess myself to my ancestors and spirits and follow with the Catholic Act of Contrition. Each night I would pray for forgiveness from my ancestors and examine all the ways in which they had helped me.
Eventually things turned around and improved. The other worker allegedly got what was coming to them, and I grew tremendously as a magician. My spirits also expressed to me that they had a greater respect for my humility and I feel that our bond is stronger than ever.

How to Approach Confession

  • For those that want to put the theory to the test here is a recommended set of practices:
  • Recite Psalm 119:161-168 and anoint yourself with Kabbalah Oil
  • Begin with the Kabbalistic Cross
  • Perform the Middle Pillar Ritual
  • Begin to carefully examine your wrongdoings in front of your ancestors and spirits
  • Recite the Seven Penitential Psalms
  • Repeat the Kabbalistic Cross

For those that want to go a step further I recommend reciting Psalm 65 or 100 to give thanks to the spirits. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Products and Services

Products and Services

“Seven Strong Men”**
Size: 2 oz
A special juice that comes from Leogane, Haiti contains seven Lwa in the recipe. It has a variety of uses but primarily strengthens the essences of the spirits that are present. It can be used as a homeopathic remedy for headaches and body pains wherein a splash is made by mixing it with spring water and a small amount is applied to the affected area.
Cost: $75

“Altar Wash”**
Size: 2 oz
Proprietary blend of juices and perfume that is mixed with spring or rain water. This is used as an offering or reward for the spirits, or simply sprayed on the altar or around the temple to clean or refresh the energies of the temple. Can be sprayed around the home to banish unwanted energies as well.
Cost: $75

“Business Spray”**
Size: 2 oz
Used for a brick and mortar business to soften up customers and make them want to spend money. Can be sprayed around home if business is home based.
Cost $75

“Cleansing Head Wash”**
Size: 1 oz
Head wash to cleanse or refresh the head. Good for someone to use along with an uncrossing especially if they are prone to obsession. This wash is to be used for three consecutive nights by pouring a few drops on the top of the head, the placing a piece of white bread, and wrapping the bread to the head with a white cloth. You will sleep with it on their head each night, in the morning you will dispose of the bread by throwing it in the garbage in its own bag.
Cost: $100

“Sweet Head Wash”
This head wash is for people that are tormented by or bad dreams. The instructions are the same as the first head wash, however, coconut shavings should be used with the bread as well. For best results it should be done once a week after the initial three days to keep symptoms at bay.
Cost $150

“Uncrossing Bath”**
Size 2 oz
This uncrossing bath made on the point of a specific Lwa (which ever Lwa is appropriate for the case). It is very efficient and should be mixed with about 12 ounces of spring water and a spray bottle should be used to apply it for 7 consecutive nights. After which, the remaining waters should be dumped in a natural place or at a crossroad.
Cost: $100

“Lwa Bath”**
Size 2 oz
Only should be purchased by someone who has had their hands read or knows the identity of their Lwa. The baths are to be done in a similar fashion as the uncrossing bath.
Cost: $150

“Erzulie Dantor Perfume”**
Size 1 oz
Used for service to Erzulie Dantor. Can be sprayed around home or business for luck and money.
Cost $100

“Lwa Oil”**
Size 2 oz
Currently only Erzulie Dantor and Baron Samedi Oil are available. They can be used to consecrate items for the spirits, applied superficially to areas that need healing, rubbed on the hands before doing magic, or applied to the forehead before sleep to facilitate dreams. Baron Oil is for men only.
Cost $100

“Love Bath”**
Size: 1 oz
A bath to attract general love to someone. The bath can be enhanced by the client if they burn a picture of their love interest and add the ashes to the bath (that does not mean it will succeed with that particular person!). The bath has the same rules as the uncrossing.
Cost: $80

“Herbal Waters”**
Size 1 oz
The waters of certain herbs are almost always available they include: Blue Verbena, Sweet Basil, Sunflower, Wild Grape, Marigold, Bitter Melon, Sewer Vine, Red Umbrella Plant, Soursop, Pineapple, Ginger, Parsley, English Plantain, and Wormwood. None are meant for human consumption. All the waters have been consecrated by the Lwa and are more potent than the herbs are alone.
Cost: $50

 “Cemetery Juices”**
Size: 1 oz
I keep the waters collected from various cemeteries in liquor. Definitely not to be consumed by anyone. Can be used to empower magic that needs more immediate effects.
Cost $125

“Money Powder”
Size 1 Gram
What makes this money powder different from other money powders you will come across is that it is made on the point of a special Lwa who enjoys money and commerce. A small pinch of powder blown across your doorstep will begin to empower your home or business with the spirit. This powder can also be loaded into candles as well or mixed with perfume and water to make a bath.
Cost $75

“Money Candle”
Size: “7 Day Candle”
A candle loaded with money powder and consecrated with a secret oil blend to bring about the most potent results. Simply speak your business to the candle, light and go! The prayers are already said, the candle simply needs you to light it to activate it.
Cost $60

“Cemetery Dust”
Size 1 gram
Working with the dead requires specific protocols to successfully empower your rites and magic with their powers. The cemetery dust is collected in a precise fashion to ensure that the spirit is willing to work. The dust then goes through a special process to tame the spirit to make it a more efficient worker for you.
Cost $125

Size: about 7’’x3’’x1’’
The coffins come in 4 variations: Red, Black, White, and Mixed. The Red coffin heats up cold situations and can strongly push situation, not everyone can handle the red coffin! Black and white are similar, but the White coffin is healing oriented while the black is for more sorcerous magic. The big daddy is the master coffin which can be used for good or bad, it is for serious workers only. It requires more discipline and yet is very hardworking and consistent. These coffins will pay for themselves within a year for a serious worker. Each coffin comes with instructions.
Cost for red, black, and white: $1000
Cost for Master Coffin: $1200

“Gede Bottle”
Size: varies
A bottle made on the point of a particular gede. These bottles come in a variety of shapes and size but all work in a similar fashion. This is a minor spirit, but it is hard working. It can be programmed for the purchasers particular desires as well. Ok from beginners to advanced workers.
Cost: $600

“Cemetery Urn 4 Corners”
Size: Varies
An urn that has been specially prepared with the four corners of the cemetery. This is a hard working Urn that again can be programmed for the purchaser. This is for more experienced spirit workers. Very potent yet easy to work with.
Cost: $700

"Cafou Powder"
Size: 1 gram
Cafou is the Master of the Crossroad. This powder is specially collected and from sacred locations for Cafou and consecrated on his point. Very good at enhancing various works of sorcerous magic. Only a small pinch is necessary to empower your recipes. So a gram will last quite a long time.
Cost: $100

“Cemetery Urn 21 Spirits”
Size Varies
Works in a similar fashion to the four corners, but has more spirits and is more potent. Both Urn styles come with a list of spirits.
Cost: $1500

 “Palm Reading (Spiritual Court Reading)”
Size: 1 page PDF
Submit your name, date of birth, picture of your face, and clear high resolution images of the palms of your hands. The picture of the hands must include the tips of the fingers and tops of their wrist. Pictures must be able to be enlarged, failure to submit the proper images will result in a poor reading. The reading will tell a bit of personal info about the client as well as list their Head Spirit and familiar spirits in their court. This is necessary for anyone seeking initiation, a head feeding, or certain types of magical work.
Cost: $200 

“Head Feeding”
Size 2 oz Bath, 1 oz head wash, 1 oz perfume, 1 oz 7SM
Feeds the Head Spirit and spiritual court. Client receives a bath, head wash, perfume, seven strong men, and pwen for the spirit. The pwen is generally a fed picture or seal. Client will write a pact for their spirit and the pact will be fed.

Cost $500

“Juju Bag/Gris Gris”
Size: Varies
Small bag either made on the point of a spirit or a psalm or whatever I deem is appropriate for the client. You will receive instructions on how to activate and use the Juju bag. Includes some 7SM to feed the bag with.
Cost: $150

"Magic Jewelry and Guards"
Size: Varies
Imagine being able to carry all the powers of the spirits on your person twenty-four seven. At a moments notice you can call upon a spirit to protect you, help you close a sale, or empower your luck. This jewelry is loaded meaning that it is not simply consecrated with a spirits powder but is loaded with special powders and herbs to keep the spirit bonded to the jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is custom made to order and each has a sealed "trap door" by which they are loaded. With the amount of variety of styles it is impossible to display it all. If you are seeking a ring or pendant you must get a hand reading. Your spiritual needs determine the style of the piece and each piece comes with  instructions on proper use and care. Certain rings can contain up to three spirits while the Master Pendant contains 25, it is the equivalent of having the powers of initiation without any sort of obligation. As these are custom made they require about 3 months to be made and loaded.

Cost of Silver Ring: $3000+
Cost of Gold Ring $5000+
Cost of Pendant $5000+

"Protection Service"
Size: N/A
I offer a monthly service that provide limited magical protection and blessing services.
Cost $50 monthly

(**) Typically ships within 7 days

*All products and services by law are considered to be for entertainment purposes only. I am not a doctor and I do not provide medical advice or treat illness. These products are to be considered homeopathic remedies, if you have a chronic medical condition it is advised to seek a medical professional first.