Thursday, February 20, 2020

An Easy Way To Increase Your Daily Blessings

Probably one of the greatest practices that someone who works conjure or magic can do is the practice of charity. As one of the greatest of virtues Charity opens the heart to those in need, heals, and demonstrates worthiness of prosperity from the spirits. As an act of penance it can alleviate the weight of misdeeds and misfortunes and return missing blessings.

What Is Charity?

Charity is the act of generosity towards those less fortunate than yourself. It is recognition of empathy that you have towards the suffering of another person and acting upon it. The act of giving a few extra dollars from your pocket to the person on the street corner, or buying a hungry person a sandwich is an act of charity. Taking the time to assist an elderly or disabled person is also an act of charity. In fact, most act of goodness towards other humans can be charitable, especially if you are someone who has a hardened heart or little sympathy.

Why Should I Be Charitable?

Those that seek the help of their ancestors, saints, and spirits are seeking the charity of beings that don't have to give of their time and energy. Beyond a merely transactional relationship with spirits, there can be an underlying element of trust being developed. The spirits watch you carefully as they bless you to see what you do with their generosity. Do you share the blessings that they give to you or do you hoard it? When the spirits give you real power do you use it to heal or to harm? These answers to these questions define your character to the spirits and may affect your future blessings.

What About The Drug Addicts/Alcoholics I see?

Charity does not discriminate what suffering is worthy or not worthy of your assistance. Even if you come upon a person in the throws of addiction, and you know that any aide that you give them may lead to them continuing in their self-abuse, you should still offer what you can to alleviate their suffering. Despite what may appear as obvious to you, your kindness to them may have an impact on their future decisions. This will not always be the case, but it's better to err on the side of goodness.

The Suffering You Alleviate May Be Your Own

There is a common expression in Afro-Caribbean Traditions that states that a single act of evil requires ten acts of good to correct. When someone that has felt powerless or has been victimized is introduced to power it is not uncommon to see them become cruel and intolerant. This type of sickness is more common than most are willing to admit. The purpose of power is to heal and correct sickness and imbalance. When the heart is hardened by life acts of charity help to open it and soften it to the world. Charity also offers a path of atonement for your misdeeds as well.

How Charitable Should I Be?

This is a difficult thing to answer for each individual. The basic guideline is to give what you can after you have taken care of yourself. It's important to remember that if you are not taking care of your own needs you will not be able to help others. Some fall into a sickness of developing a savior complex and spend their money and time fretting over the needs of others without first helping themselves. Your security in life grants you the ability to be generous with others. 

Charity Opens The Path To Blessings

As you practice the act of generosity towards others, you may notice that the spirits begin to bless you in ta variety of ways. This prosperity is meant to be shared with others around you and in your community. As you become blessed you should also bless those you encounter, not just with money alone, but with generous and kind expression. 

Edit: I change the title of this blog to get you to read about this important practice. The word "charity" should never be an aversion to you. Many of you want to claim to be empaths so start demonstrating your empathy towards others through your actions.

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