Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Spirits I've Summoned: Prince Seere

"Seere (or Sear, or Seir) is the Seventieth Spirit. He is a Mighty Prince and powerful under AMAYMON, King of the East. He appears at first in the form of a beautiful man riding a winged horse. His office is to go and come, and to bring abundance of things to pass on a sudden, and to carry or re-carry anything wherever you would have it to go, or where you would have it from. He can pass over the whole Earth in the twinkling of an Eye. He gives a true relation of a theft, and of hidden treasure, and of many other things. He is of an indifferent good nature, and is wiling to do anything which the Exorcist desires. He governs 26 Legions of Spirits."

I had read the description of Seere countless times in a day while hemming and hawing over whether or not I should attempt to conjure him. At that time in my life, I was struggling to pay bills as work had suddenly slowed down and I desperately needed new opportunities. I needed a real solution to my problems and I felt like turning to the spiritual world was the best solution. 

My magical practice at the time largely centered around spagyric alchemy, as I was trying to build a relationship with the planets and elements through plant medicine. I was working in the sphere of Jupiter and working on a plant stone for lemon balm. Because work was so slow, I had lots of free time to read and pray, while trying to get a grip on a life that was slowly spinning out of control. My anxiety was through the roof and I knew in my heart that I needed to make a bigger move to change my situation. 

I had been studying and attempting different techniques of evocation taking notes from Franz Bardon and the Key of Solomon. I had somewhat successful attempts at creating pentacles from the Key of Solomon. My Jupiter pentacle had undoubtedly saved my job, but money still was not quite right. After reading so many accounts on forums of people turning their lives around with Goetia I decided it was the best place to look. 

I did careful divinations with the Tarot to help me narrow down if Goetia would be helpful for me and to determine the nature of the spirit of the spirit I should work with. Being some years ago the best resources on Goetia were the Goetia of Dr Rudd and Crowley's illustrated version. Something about binding the demons with the Shemhamforesh angels didn't feel quite right so I discarded Dr Rudd's method, yet I decided to utilize the book for other purposes. 

Crowley's illustrated Goetia, assigned Jupiter qualities to the princes, and my divinations determined this was the type of being I needed to work with. I wanted to determine if the spirit wanted to be helpful to me. So I carefully drew his seal on a piece of paper and placed it on my nightstand. I asked the spirit to visit me if he wanted to be helpful to me. That night I had strange dreams of a dashing man in Renaissance period clothing riding a white horse who told me that he had been watching me for some time. I took them dream as a hard yes to proceed with the evocation.

There is something about desperation that makes a person unsure of themselves and question all of their abilities. I was nervous of doing the ceremony and not being able to detect the spirit. I remembered a halfhearted attempt to summon Raam years earlier where I could not detect the spirit and it wasn't until a couple days had passed and mayhem was happening in my life that I realized my error. How then would I be able to ensure that I would see and hear the spirit?

I turned to Franz Bardon and his work The Practice of Magical Evocation. He talked about creating an environment that was comfortable for the nature of the spirit so that the could more easily manifest. I had also created his fluid condenser from Initiation Into Hermetics a few months earlier, which gave me a fantastic idea.

With a piece of copper pipe I created the ring as described in the Goetia. I made an apron and with a fabric pen I drew the Hexagram of Solomon to reveal to the spirit when it manifested so that it appeared in a comely form. Finally, I went to an antique store and found a silver plate on which I inscribed the Pentagram of Solomon. I consecrated these items according to Key of Solomon and made them ready for the ceremony.

The temple was prepared in the colors of Jupiter as I understood them at the time. I hung banners with various god-names in flashing colors cut out of iron on fabric. I placed images of of Zeus and Jupiter on the high altar in my temple, and burned rich incense for the spirits of Jupiter. I bought blue gels to cover my lanterns with so that the room had a blue glow. Finally I carefully painted a circle on the floor and wrote names of God in Hebrew around it. 

As I completed my preparations in the temple, I realized that I had completed my plant stone. The timing was perfect. It was as if the entire coming operation was predestined to occur. I knew that the time had come to begin cleansing and purifying. 

I ate only bread and water for three days and abstained from sex. Each day, I would wake early and begin the day with prayer. In the evening I would take up a bundle of hyssop and dip it in holy water and recited Psalm 51:7. I felt so clean and pure in both my interior and exterior that it was like walking on air. 

Finally, the evening of the ritual was upon me. I dressed myself in ritual vestments. I painted the seals I had previously made for Seere with the fluid condenser and poured the rest of the fluid condenser and poured it in a fondue pot inside the triangle of art. I quietly and carefully consumed a small piece of the plant stone while I waited for the hour of evocation to happen. I was filled with waves of ecstasy which contrasted the nervousness I was feeling about what was about to transpire. 

The hour upon me, I rose from my chair and lit the fondue pot and a gentle steam began to slowly rise. I began to recite the Bornless Rite to the four directions. As I recited the barbarous names, my head began to fill with an expanding consciousness. I continued to press as waves of energy filled me and I felt as if I was growing in stature and proportion to the energy. My body trembling but my voice steady I began to recite the conjuration of the spirit from the Goetia. 

There was a sudden rapping on all the windows in the room simultaneously, but I did not let it distract me. The room was filling with a mixture of incense and steam from the fluid condenser. I began to see strange faces appearing in the smoke and mist outside the circle. Suddenly, a puff of steam rose from the fondue pot and there was the figure of man in the mist. The figure was very detailed and I could even see his facial expressions, in fact, he resembled the man I had dreamed about! I recited the constraint while the grinning apparition stood before me.

Holding my consecrated sword in my hand I demanded that the spirit swear an oath of loyalty to me. That he would not deceive me or work mischief against me. I held the sword beyond the circle and a misty hand touched it as a reply. "I am here as you have summoned me. What is it you want?" 

I explained my problem and that I required a solution of steady income that would cover all of my expenses so that could live the lifestyle I wanted and be free from worry. "This I can do for you. What can you do for me?"

I said that I would honor him with incense and wine if he fulfilled his task for me in a timely manner and without mischief. 

"We have an agreement. Do not forget me." 

I halted him at that moment. I was so caught up in my business that I forgot to ask if he appreciated the accommodations. 

"These things are greatly appreciated as it is an effort for us to manifest in such ways."

Satisfied, I bid him to depart in peace and that there be peace between us. Slowly the apparition faded, and the presence in the air began to diminish. Eventually, it was just me in the circle alone and excited.

About five days passed and I received a phone call from a company I would subcontract for. They were offering me $1000 a month per diem plus an accelerated pay rate to travel to train new technicians. I took the opportunity immediately. I remembered to leave the offering for Seere and even told a few other magicians that they should call upon him. 

I worked with Seere on and off for a couple of years before moving on. I came to realize that he is an instructor for the magician and can unlock knowledge on how to work Goetia effectively. He is still a very good spirit and I recommend that those wanting to pursue the craft to consider evoking him.


  1. Hi, what book would you recommend for learning spagyric alchemy?

    1. At the time I was doing this work I was reading The Path of Alchemy and the Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy