Monday, March 9, 2020

Spirits I've Summoned: Cassiel

I've been asked repeatedly lately if I could share methods of summoning spirits. Mind you, I consider any sort of conjuring of spirits whether by prayers or evocation to all be valid. There are many ways of summoning spirits, all of which have their pros and cons and some ways are more dangerous than others. The methods I outline are no longer methods I use to summon spirits, however, that does not make them less valid it simply means I've found more efficient ways of working. 

About 15 years ago I moved to riverside Jacksonville, a charming historic downtown area that has a fair share of drugs and crime. Despite it's obvious issues I liked my shotgun apartment and the location was convenient for the job I was working at the time. My job at the time meant I had to carry quite a bit of tools and inventory for AT&T in my personal vehicle. I made sure to place some wards in my car to protect it as much as possible, but I still managed to attract the attention of some little punk. 

Om more than one occasion, I caught this guy trying to break into my car and once my apartment. You have to give some credit for tenacity, despite the obvious stupidity of the guy. Absolutely fed up, I decided to deal with the guy from a magical perspective. I got out my cards and began inquiring as to which spirit would help me. I ended up drawing Death and determined that a Saturnine spirit would be the best to call for assistance. Further divinations determined that Cassiel would be the best spirit to call for this purpose. 

Now, at this time my magic was heavily influenced by the Golden Dawn system of magic, and even though this is no longer the case I emphasize that some techniques can be useful. As a novice at the time I followed the correspondences as outlined between Agrippa and the Golden Dawn to create a ceremony to evoke Cassiel. I first painted the sigil of Cassiel on a wooden disc on a Wednesday during the Saturn hour. I incensed and consecrated the sigil and recited a short prayer to Cassiel during this process. 

I then prepared began my temple by hanging black and white curtains and burning Myrrh incense for the Saturnine spirits. On my central double cube altar I placed the sigil of Saturn along with it's Kamea. I printed a picture of Chronos on my high altar. For the next few days I donned my black hooded robe when I entered the temple and said a short prayer to Saturn before beginning my daily ceremonies. 

That Saturday, I remember the moon was waning and I felt that the time was right to perform a ceremony to place some severe limits on this persistent offender. I feel like I should note here that every time I conjured a spirit for the first time successfully, conditions would feel right on their own. I knew the time was right and that my preparations were more than adequate. 

I opened the ceremony with a short prayer asking that God and my Guardian Angel guide me through the ceremony so that I execute it flawlessly and beautifully. I then began the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to banish all unwanted energies from the temple. I then performed a Banishing of the Hexagram to banish unwanted planetary energies. I took up my cup and began to purify the temple reciting Psalm 51:9 and sprinkled water throughout my temple. Picking up my censer I recited Psalm 141:2 and imagined the incense carrying my words to the ears of the spirits. 

The temple buzzing and feeling alive with the spirits, I took a moment to compose myself and performed the Middle Pillar ceremony before preceding with the actual conjuration. Once I felt ready I stood up and picked up my black handled dagger and began reciting a brief conjuration I had written. I repeated it over and over again while I poured myrrh on the hot coals, as I did I began to feel the pressure begin to change in the room. 

I watched as the incense smoke seem to form a dense shape in front of me. I could easily see a figure of what looked like cruel king standing in front of me. Not exactly what I had been expecting! A grimness fell over me and I could feel a sense of dread as though I was standing in the presence of death itself. Suddenly a deep voice crept through my head, "You have summoned me. What is it that you want?"

My excitement was overwhelmed by the overwhelming dread inside of me and I quickly explained the situation to the spirit. I told the spirit that I wanted the person gone from the neighborhood so that he could not mess with my vehicle or more home again. "So, it shall be." 

I bid the spirit farewell and asked it to go in peace and let there be peace between us. The heavy feeling began to lift and I patiently waited for the spirit to completely depart before doing or saying anything else. When I felt the presence leave, I noted that the incense smoke was almost completely gone. I closed the ceremony by doing a short Eucharistic celebration to rejuvenate myself and then banished once again.

Three days later the stooge that had been harassing me tried breaking into the wrong house and was badly beaten up by local gang bangers. The little house he was renting suffered a small fire, and he was promptly evicted. After I was certain that he was completely gone, I offered a small glass of wine to the spirit as a payment for the work that was done. Although I have dealt with Cassiel a couple of times since, admittedly that first contact was a powerful experience that changed my view of "Angels."

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