Thursday, April 16, 2020

Building Relationships

"Is Saint Expedito good for..."
"If you want a job call on Bune"
"If you are selling a house you need Saint Joseph"
"If you are looking for a lover call Venus"

Statements and advice like this is everywhere on the internet and, to be frankly honest, it deserves some criticism. This is because it creates a mentality that spirits exist as wish granting machines for us. While it is true that spirits sometimes help us in miraculous ways, they are not standing there waiting to hear your requests for your every little desire.

Spirits Have Their Own Existence And Their Own Duties

Let us consider for a moment that the spirits have duties that they are performing that have nothing to do with our lives. Their existence may be with making sure that certain parts of nature stay in balance or escorting souls into the next world. Whatever they may be doing, it's most likely that they aren't sitting around doting on your every need and whim. In fact, they are probably quite busy handling their affairs to even consider your existence!

Spirits Want Compensation

Just like how we don't like to perform duties that are not relevant to us without a form of compensation, the same is true of the spirits. Calling on a spirit and making demands or begging them to improve your situation is likely to go nowhere fast. When you call on a spirit for the first time you should greet them with some small form of hospitality as though they are a guest in your home. A small bit of alcohol goes a long way when trying to convince a spirit to help you out, and the promise of more can be enough to entice them to do the work.

Spirits Have there Own Free Will

A spirit has the choice to say "No" to you, especially if you are demanding something that is unreasonable or impossible. They have their own view of the world and also have their own judgement on a situation. They may likely see your request as something that oversteps their realm of influence or as unjust. It may just be that they spirit simply does not like you for one reason or another and simply doesn't want to work for you. Which brings me to my next point:

You Have A Reputation With The Spirits

You may not realize it, but you are always immersed in a sea of spirits. They are everywhere, and even though they are silent and invisible some are likely to be observing you. When you start working with the spirits, they will begin to talk to each other about you and the way you do business with them. Believing that you can get one over on them is a mistake. They are far older and wiser than you can imagine despite the fact that the may sometimes act childish and innocent. If you fail to keep your deals with them they will begin to tell each other of your dishonorable behavior and will eventually not wish to work for you.

Be Consistent

If you start working with spirits don't just call on them when you have a problem. Take the time to talk to them on a regular basis. Talk about your life and what's going in the world around you. Treat them as honored guests in your life and they will begin to take an interest in you. The power of building a strong relationship with a spirit cannot be measured or described with words. Having an ally that has great influence in the world is a secret to long term success in magic.


  1. Yep I heard about this but still good to know that there are more people like this (know this)

    1. It's something we all need to be reminded of every now and again.