Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Better Homes And Conjuring: Chicks and Sprouts

I've been practicing psalm magic for years because of the efficiency of the magic. Through all of my experience I have become aware of it's power and limitations, but yesterday I was quite surprised.

I had purchased some day old chicks to raise as egg layers. At first all seemed normal, but after an hour I noticed one was lethargic and not as alert as the others. I could sense something was off with her. Even though I could take her back to the breeder I decided to try one of the psalms for livestock on her. Because chicks develop so quickly I figured I would see results within a day. 

I wrote down psalm 49 on a piece of parchment and anointed it with holy water. Holding the parchment in my hands, I recited the psalm over the birds. I also said a special prayer to my guardian angel so that my prayers would be heard. I then slid the parchment under the brooder and dabbed the corners of the brooder with anointing oil. 

About an hour later I came back and was unable to distinguish the sickly chick from the rest. I was quite impressed and have come to believe that the powers of the psalms are indeed in alignment with natural forces. 

Meanwhile, my wife has been reciting psalms 36 and 62 over tomatoes we were attempting to sprout. Not only did they sprout a couple days earlier than expected, but even after trimming away the smaller sprouts new growth keeps occurring. 

The next step in the homesteading process will be transplanting the seedlings to a planter. In which case the plan will be to include the written psalms underneath the seedlings when we plant them. 


Chicks happily eating and growing strong.

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